I'd love to but I just can't get motivated...

There are a million blog posts on the internet right now, all giving you ways to keep motivated through out your day and to be fair they're all pretty useful. Sure, start your day off by making your bed, you haven't even left your room and you're already getting things done. Write a list and tick off tasks as you complete them. Give yourself a treat once you've done what you need to do. These are all great if you're doing little chores but if you need to get motivated about your dreams, that's another story.

 If you're struggling to reply to customer emails for your business or to get down to the gym for your dream body then the best way to get yourself motivated is to change your thinking. Imagine that you're talking to yourself one year from now, what would you tell yourself? Put in the work today and your future self will thank you. Think about how your life in 5, 10, 20 years from now will look like if you kick your ass into gear now, your business thriving, sitting in your dream house, chilling on a beach doing that yoga handstand everyone can do these days.....now think about your life if you don't. No dream job, no successful blog, no cool yoga handstand - now that's scary and hopefully enough to keep you motivated. You're welcome.

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