You don't retouch any of your photos?

Nope! It's kind of a given these days that most photos you'll around have been retouched in some way. A little nip in at the waist here, a little retouch of the skin tone there. You can walk around a department store and not even look twice at the almost doll looking model staring back at you with a face that has been retouched to fuck because you're desensitized - and it's scary! We're constantly being lied to and why? Have you seen that video that showed a model being retouched in reverse and she turned out to be a spoon?

So yeah, we don't retouch any of the photos we use on our website - not even the bags ;) Once we've taken the photo we might increase the brightness or exposure so that it looks pretty on our site and you can see the item properly, we might add some text over it or a filter and turn it into a cool black and white photo, but we'll never retouch it. Our models are beautiful and if they have a spot or uneven skin tone then that's the way it is because that's real life. 

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