Try this quick shower hack to increase energy and keep you alert!

Ok, so have a shower as you normally would but before you get out, blast yourself with cold water for 30 seconds. I know it's freezing, but dancing around and screaming helps. Most people get out at this point, but wait, turn the water back up to hot and wait another 30 seconds, then back down to cold. Only for 30 seconds, again, feel free to jump around and scream at this point. 

This technique has been know to boost the immune system, burns more bad fats and even help with low moods! 

Sure, it's not the most comfortable 90 seconds, but only 60 of those involve cold water and the results are amazing! 

Omg, have you tried this?

Living a cruelty free lifestyle is becoming more and more popular, as people realise the torturer animals have to go through to produce garments, it's no wonder!  We know about vegan food and make up, but what about clothing? Cruelty free fashion doesn't have to be ill fitting tunics and fashion reject bags and it's probably easier to buy than you think! Always check the label before you buy,  everyone knows leather and fur are obviously a no no for animal friendly shopping, here are some other materials to avoid that you might not have considered...

Silk - silk is the fibre that silkworms weave to make cocoons, the silkworms are steamed or gassed alive inside their cocoons and make a pound of silk takes around 3000 silkworms. They also produce endorphins and can feel pain. Nylon and polyester are a great alternative to silk and are much cheaper too! 
Cashmere - cashmere is the soft undercoat found under cashmere goats and is often marketed as a 'luxury'  fabric. It can be very stressful for the goat to have their cashmere sheared and of course takes away their warmth which can lead to illness. 
Angora - angora is sourced from angora rabbits for things like jumpers and scarves, and so often the way they do it is heartbreaking. Ripping the fur from live rabbits, the rabbits are left in agony, screaming in pain. Many high street shops have banned angora but make sure you check the label!
Wool - Many people think wool is fine as it's sheared from the sheep without killing it but the reality is that the farmers are under pressure to get through as many sheep as they can which leads to carelessness. Often the razor cuts into the sheep and isn't treated, which leaves the poor sheep open to infection and in pain. There are lots of alternatives to wool such as polyester fleece and cotton flannel. 
Materials that are OK to buy include cotton, polyester, rayon, denim and linen. There are so many good alternatives these days there really is no excuse to kill animals and put them through torture for the sake of a jumper!  Everything on daze is animal friendly but sites such as ASOS have filters in the search options to make it easier to shop cruelty free clothing. Are there any animal friendly shops you know of? Feel free to share in the comments xx

Vegan friendly fashion - what you need to know

There are a million blog posts on the internet right now, all giving you ways to keep motivated through out your day and to be fair they're all pretty useful. Sure, start your day off by making your bed, you haven't even left your room and you're already getting things done. Write a list and tick off tasks as you complete them. Give yourself a treat once you've done what you need to do. These are all great if you're doing little chores but if you need to get motivated about your dreams, that's another story.

 If you're struggling to reply to customer emails for your business or to get down to the gym for your dream body then the best way to get yourself motivated is to change your thinking. Imagine that you're talking to yourself one year from now, what would you tell yourself? Put in the work today and your future self will thank you. Think about how your life in 5, 10, 20 years from now will look like if you kick your ass into gear now, your business thriving, sitting in your dream house, chilling on a beach doing that yoga handstand everyone can do these think about your life if you don't. No dream job, no successful blog, no cool yoga handstand - now that's scary and hopefully enough to keep you motivated. You're welcome.

I'd love to but I just can't get motivated...

Nope! It's kind of a given these days that most photos you'll around have been retouched in some way. A little nip in at the waist here, a little retouch of the skin tone there. You can walk around a department store and not even look twice at the almost doll looking model staring back at you with a face that has been retouched to fuck because you're desensitized - and it's scary! We're constantly being lied to and why? Have you seen that video that showed a model being retouched in reverse and she turned out to be a spoon?

So yeah, we don't retouch any of the photos we use on our website - not even the bags ;) Once we've taken the photo we might increase the brightness or exposure so that it looks pretty on our site and you can see the item properly, we might add some text over it or a filter and turn it into a cool black and white photo, but we'll never retouch it. Our models are beautiful and if they have a spot or uneven skin tone then that's the way it is because that's real life. 

You don't retouch any of your photos?

Did you know that every time you buy something from our website we'll give 5% of your total order cost to an animal charity. We decided on 5% of the order, so that you know exactly what you're donating. None of this percentage of  'profits' fluff that some companies claim.

At the moment we're supporting Michael from 'The man that rescues dogs'. In Thailand, where Michael works, some dogs are treated very poorly. I'm sure some of you guys have seen this while you've been traveling? It's not unusual for them to be beaten, starving and even poisoned. Every day Micheal travels around his local area, looking for homeless dogs to help and feed. Donations are vital to help these poor dogs and the more we donate the more dogs he can help feed, help and just
generally make their life that little bit better.

You can find out more about Michael and how he helps these sweet animals here: There's a video on the website which give you a good idea of the type of work Michael does. If you don't want to buy anything from Daze but would like to help, that would be amazing too! Even if it's only a small amount!

We've been supporting this charity for over 2 months now without telling you guys, so if you've bought anything from Daze lately - thank you! 

Which charity should we support next? Would love to hear from you!



We’re re not talking about giving up chocolate (never gonna happen) or retail therapy – We’re talking about five simple things you can give up right now and feel soo better for it. Life is too short, seriously.
Doubting yourself  – everyone does it and why? Sure it’s easier said than done, we get it but what is ever going to come from constantly doubting and putting yourself down? There’s a quote which says that whether you belive you can or can’t – your right. It’s true, if you doubt yourself and set yourself up for failure, that’s what your brain is going to be focusing on and it makes life soo much harder. Think of how you talk to people you love. If you wouldn’t talk to them like that, don’t talk to yourself like that.
Bitching – people love to gossip but there’s a fine line between having a little fun and bitching. If you’re constantly bitching with people, it’s not good for anyone. The people you’re bitching to will most likely think you’re bitching about them behind your back and let’s be honest, the people who are bitching to you, probably bitch about you to other people. It’s best to stay about of it, bitching says more about you than the person you’re bitching about…
Comfort eating – if it’s a one-off, go ahead and eat that whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s but if it’s a reoccurring situation, you should really get to the bottom of why you’re comfort eating and sort it out. It’s a vicious circle and eating junk food makes you feel like crap, so you eat more and so on. Only go shopping on a full tummy because if you’re hungry when you shop you’re more likely to buy snack food and you’re going to eat what you buy, right?
Procrastination – so so easy to do but there are some steps you can take to stop putting stuff off. When you get up, make a list of what you want to do that day and don’t stop until you’ve done it!
Being lazy – you wonder how people can go to the gym before work when you can’t even muster up the energy to get out of bed. It’s true that laziness breeds laziness. Get up and get out you’ll feel so much better for it, it doesn’t even matter what you do, as long as you’re up and about. A good tip is to do 50 star jumps when you’re feeling a bit lazy, it’s sure to fire you up!
So there you go, five simple steps you can take to making a better you. Is there anything else you would add to this list? Let us know!

Five things you really need to give up

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