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Why water is better than a facelift

Water is actually amazing, we should be aiming for 8 glasses a day and here’s why…  

It can help you loose weight – drink a glass of water before each meal and you’re more likely to loose weight. Water makes you feel fuller for longer and can also boost your metabolism! 
It may protect against cancer – research shows that the more water you drink, the lower the odds of bladder cancer!
It can boost your mood – being  dehydrated can negatively impact your mood as well as give you headaches, drinking more water can help prevent these and put you in a better mood.
It can can help with memory and concentration – next time you’re studying for an exam, keep a bottle of water close by, water has been shown to help improve your concentration!  
It improves your skin – A recent study showed that 1 in 5 woman who drank over 1.5 liters of water a day saw a reduction in wrinkles after 6 weeks, without making any other changes. So go ahead, drink a cup of water before each meal. with your dinner, carry a bottle around, however you do it, your body will be thankful!

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